Harmony Hoops

Event Hosts

Every successful Harmony Hoops event needs strong hosting and sponsoring organizations to provide financial stability, connectivity, venues, and volunteers.  Major corporations and/or significant non-profit communities are likely organizers and hosts with event management experience.  Potential event hosts will be have access to all Harmony Hoops properties.  Permissions will be subject to mutual agreements between hosts and Harmony Games.


Teams comprised of players from different identifiable cultures are eligible to enter Harmony Hoops tournaments.   Tournament organizers may define style of play and categories, such as male teams, male and female teams, female teams, junior and or senior teams, etc.  Competition Committees set rules of play.

Title & Presenting Sponsors

Title and presenting sponsors should get priority opportunity to enter teams.   Offering brand identification on Harmony Hoops promotional materials, website, and site signage should be offered.


Team uniforms  are encouraged, especially by business or non-profit sponsored teams.  Harmony Hoops has specially priced uniform choices in its products gallery.  They can be customized for sponsors and events.

Competition Committee

The spirit of friendly competition is a core fundamental of Harmony Hoops.  Event should have a culturally mixed, odd numbered  committee to  decide team eligibility issues and set arbitrate rules decisions.


Each event will have a personality of its own and may include elements unique to it.  Harmony Hoops stands ready to assist and adapt its materials and services to accomplish those special needs.  


Competitions in all Harmony Hoops events are populated by teams representing varying race, lifestyle or beliefs.  Event producers may develop categories of competitions that complement their markets.  Categories might be identified by gender, age or any mix applicable to the game or sport, at producers’s choice.


In largely populated events self-refereeing by teams would be encouraed especially in early rounds, perhaps with a venue supervisor.  Producers should consider hiring professional officials in quarter, semi & finals.


Trophies, awards and recognizing participation are likely areas where accommodating sponsor identity can be practical.   Harmony Hoops logo’d prizes can be customized for sponsors and locations.


The root premise of Harmony Hoops is to provide companies, individuals and non-profits anywhere the tools to create a Harmony Hoops event to accomplish goals germane to the producer.  Our experienced team of communicators and promoters have built tools, customize-able to unique and specific needs.


Public Relations to include press release templates and customized radio, television and internet messaging templates will be provided to licensed Harmony Hoops producers.


Special promotions to spice up the Harmony Hoops competitions, such as half court audience shots;  3 point shooting contests, with large prizes insured by Lloyds of London underwriters are available.   Other promotions including waived entry fees supported by sponsors are urged.  


Perhaps the most important assets Harmony Hoops can provide to event producers are included in the large library of marketing tools.  The success of events are encouraged with logos, ads, posters digital images, email scripting, sponsor messaging and unique special ideas.

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