The Dream of Harmony Games

    Harmony Games was a dream.  Today it’s a dream-in progress, inspired by my own dreaming, my dream team of dreamers and hopefully yours. Harmony Games’ vision is to harness the power of harmony inherent in sport by creating partnered competitions for players who...

Harmony Ain’t Hate

Here’s a question that’s been 76 years in the asking:

How in the world did a pipsqueak, freckle faced kid from a hick town become a retired sports media mogul hell bent on contributing to the demise of prejudice in America?

Walking the Harmony Walk

    When three quarters of the Harmony Games team needed a break recently we took it to the golf course and were joined by one of our great supporters, Megan Anderson. So there we were, Harmony Games personified. Ebony, ivory and smiles all around on a well-earned...

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